Atomic Structure

Atomic Structure
Over time, scientists have developed many different models of the atom as they have learned
more about matter. A model is a representation of something that can be used to study, show, or
explain how it functions or works.
Planetary Model
The next model of the atom was developed by a scientist named Niels Bohr.
The Bohr model shows electrons moving around the nucleus in orbits called
energy levels. Each energy level can only hold a certain amount of electrons. If
electrons gain or lose energy they can move from one energy level to another.
Energy levels further away from the nucleus can hold more electrons.
Bohr Model
The current model of the atom is the electron cloud model. According to this model, electrons exist in an
area around the nucleus of an atom called a “cloud.” Scientists describe electrons as existing somewhere in the
electron cloud at any given time. An electron can be found anywhere within the electron cloud. Electrons can
absorb and release energy; this changes their location within the atom.
This model is not the end, however.
Electron Cloud
The atomic model will continue to change as
electron cloud
scientists make new discoveries.
Directions: For your Atomic Model, you MUST complete one project from the following list:
Element Tile
Paper Element Model
Element Model-3D
Element Advertisement
Superhero Element Comic Strip
Element video (This cannot be a PowerPoint or a Prezi)
Once you have selected your option for this project, you will receive the required details including
details of the project including the name of the element and rubrics. Most of this project will be
completed at home but you will get some class time to plan your project and conduct research. This
project will be given a summative grade. One of the requirements to receive that grade is that you
must complete AND present your project in class. You may NOT include food of any kind for this
Please make your selection and have it signed by your parent and return to class on: _______________
Parent Signature: _______________________
Name: ____________________________ Block: _____________________
Date: _____________
 Answer the following questions using COMPLETE SENTENCES please.
1. Can you describe the importance of the proton?
2. What is true of ALL atoms of one element?
3. Pick an element of your choosing and answer the following:
 Atomic Number: ______________________
 Atomic Mass/weight: __________________
 Number of Protons: ___________ Charge of the Protons: ______________
 Number of Electrons: __________
Charge of the electrons: ___________
 Number of Neutrons: __________
Charge of the Neutrons: ___________
Rubrics for Atomic Model Project
The project must include:
Name of the element
Atomic symbol
Atomic number
Correct number of Protons, neutrons and electrons
Origin of element’s name
3 things we use the element for (use the links listed on my websites for research)
Element’s state at room temperature