History Mystery Use the clues to solve the history mystery…who am I?

Use the clues to solve the history
mystery…who am I?
History Mystery:
Who am I?
• I was born in 1595 in what is now Virginia.
• Growing up, I helped with household chores, and
prepared feasts during times of celebration.
• I was 12 or 13 when English colonists established
Jamestown in 1607
• In 1609, I was captured by English settlers and
held for ransom.
• In 1614, I moved to Europe and married a man
named John Rolfe.
• I died at the age of 22. Historians are not sure
how I died. They suspect I caught a European
disease, but some say I was poisoned.
When she was 12 or 13, Pocahontas
watched English colonists settler on
Powhatan land
Pocahontas was kidnapped and held
Years later, when given the choice to return, she
decided to stay with the Europeans
In 1614, she moved to England and married
John Rolfe
Did she really save John Smith?
Today’s Question:
Would you survive the
starving time?
1. Read Aloud
2. Notes
3. Newspaper Article--*new evidence from
4. Starving Time letter
5. Game: people, places, things
Where is Jamestown?
Chief Powhatan’s statement to
Jamestown settlers:
“I know the difference between peace and war
better than any man in my country. Why will
you take by force what you may quietly have
by love. Why will you destroy us who supply
you with food? What can you get by war? We
are unarmed and willing to give you what you
ask if you come in a friendly manner…”
On May 14, _______, English colonists arrived
in Virginia, and set up the first permanent
English settlement in America.
The settlers were sent by the ________
Company of London.
The company wanted to find riches, such as
______ and ______.
The Starving Time
The winter of ______-______ is known as the Starving
During the Starving Time, ______ of the 350 colonists
died from diseases and starvation.
The surviving Jamestown colonists almost _______ the
settlement in June 1610 and set sail for England.
On their way down the James River, they met the supply
ships of Thomas West, whose timely arrival ______ the
Newspaper article
While you read think about:
1. What have archeologists recently discovered?
2. What evidence have they found?
3. What was life like for Jamestown settlers during
the starving time?
Letter from the Starving Time
Assignment: Imagine you are a Jamestown
settler. It is the winter of 1609-1610. Food
and supplies are running low. Write a letter to
your family in England describing your
experiences during the Starving Time.
Which European explorer returned to
Mexico and was pronounced a failure?
How many Taino Indians lived on the
island of Hispanola in 1491?
What are the names of the King and
Queen of Spain in 1492?
What deadly disease did many sailors
catch traveling across the ocean?
Name one way the English interacted
with the Native Americans they
Name one animal European explorers
brought to the Americas.
What is one animal that lived with
early people in America?
What is the Beringia Theory?
What is the main artifact of the Clovis
Where is Cactus Hill located?
Why is Cactus Hill significant?
Name one Native American tribe who
lived in the southwest.
Name one cultural trait of the Netsilik
Which Native American tribe built
totem poles out of the cedar trees in
their environment?
Which ocean?
Which region is EAST of the Interior
Lowlands, WEST of the Coastal Plain?
Which lines run from east
to west on the globe?
Give ONE example how
explorers used
Which region is EAST of the Great Plains,
WEST of the Appalachian Mountains?
Which continent?
What is another name for
lines of longitude?
Old, eroded mountain
New York Harbor
Which river is known as
the “Gateway to the
West?” Why?
Which region is EAST of the Coastal
Range, WEST of the Rocky Moutains?
Broad lowlands, warm
sunny beaches, many
harbors and bays
Which river is C?
Which region is EAST of the Basin
and Range, WEST of the Great Plains?
Which river was explored
by Lewis and Clark?
What is another name for
lines of latitude?
What line is 0 degrees
Which river is B?
Which region is EAST of the Rocky Mountains,
WEST of the Interior Lowlands?
Tall mountains along the
Pacific Coast; fertile
Which river is E?
Forms a horseshoe shape
around the Hudson Bay;
glaciers carved out
thousands of lakes
San Francisco, California
Map Game!