Name _______________ whole way of life North:


Name _______________

Civil War Study Guide

Part 1: Causes of the Civil War

Cultural Differences: Be able to identify the cultural differences of the North and the

South (remember, culture is the whole way of life of a group of people).



Issues dividing the nation: Be able to identify the major issues dividing the nation.

Issue Northern View Southern View


Should there be taxes on imported items?

State’s Rights:

Should the national government have more power than the state governments?

Slavery: Should the United States continue to allow slavery?

Why was slavery such a divisive issue?: Be able to identify the following people’s perspectives on slavery.

Abraham Lincoln

John C. Calhoun

James Kirk Paulding

Angelina Grimke

Frederick Douglass

William Lloyd Garrison

Compromises on slavery: Be able to identify the following compromises on slavery.

Missouri Compromise of 1820

Compromise of 1850

Kansas-Nebraska Act

What should we do about the crisis facing the Union?: Be able to identify the following people’s opinions on what the country should do following the secession of Southern states and the attack on Fort Sumter.

Abraham Lincoln

Robert E. Lee

Jefferson Davis

Frederick Douglass

John C. Calhoun

Part 2: Civil War

Major Events of the Civil War: Be able to identify the following events.

Election of Abraham Lincoln

Battle of Fort Sumter

Battle of Bull Run

Battle of Vicksburg

Battle of Gettysburg

Atlanta Campaign

Sherman’s March

Surrender at Appomattox

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Part 3: People

Important People: Be able to identify the following people. Make sure you know who they are and why they are important to American History.

Abraham Lincoln

Jefferson Davis


Robert E. Lee

Ulysses S. Grant

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

Effects of the War on People: Be able to identify the effect of the war on the following groups of people.

African American Soldiers