1920s Test Study Guide USII.6a-d

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1920s Test Study Guide
What resulted from the improved transportation brought about by affordable automobiles?
Greater __mobility_______________
Creation of ______new jobs_____________
Movement to ____suburbs____________________
Growth of ___transportation__-related industries
What were some communication changes during the early 20th century?
1) Increased availability of ___telephones______
2) Development of ___radio____ and broadcast industry
3) Development of __movies__
How did electrification change American life?
_labor__-saving products
_electric__ lighting
Entertainment (i.e. – radio)
Improved communications
Which amendment started Prohibition?
What was Prohibition?
The period of time from 1920 to 1933 when alcohol was OUTLAWED (BANNED BY LAW) by the 18 th
What were the illegal saloons called during Prohibition?
What were the results of Prohibition?
1) Speakeasies were created as places for people to drink
2) ____bootleggers smuggled illegal alcohol and led to a rise in _organized crime__
3) Repealed by __21st Amendment__________
Name a famous criminal who made millions bootlegging alcohol in the 1920s.
Al Capone
What was the Great Migration? The mass movement of African Americans from rural areas in the South to
industrial centers in the North
What caused the Great Migration? (list examples)
1) Push factors from the South: discrimination, Jim Crow Laws, lack of opportunities and jobs
2) Pull factors from the North: better wages, less discrimination, opportunities (voting, education)
What is a flapper?
A young woman who rebelled against the way society thought she should behave and dress in the
Who was an artist who was known for urban scenes and, later, paintings of the Southwest?
Georgia O’Keeffe
Who was a novelist who wrote about the Jazz Age of the 1920s? F Scott Fitzgerald
Who was a novelist who portrayed the strength of poor migrant workers during the 1930s? John Steinbeck
Who were the two composers who wrote uniquely American music? Aaron Copland and George Gershwin
What was the Harlem Renaissance? A flowering of African American art, literature, and music during the
1920’s centered in the New York City neighborhood known as Harlem.
How did the Harlem Renaissance affect African Americans? It paved the way for the Civil Rights Movement of
the 1960s
Who was a painter who chronicled the experiences of the Great Migration through art? Jacob Lawrence
Who was a poet who combined the experiences of African and American cultural roots? Langston Hughes
Who were two jazz musicians during the Harlem Renaissance? Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong
Who was a blues singer during the Harlem Renaissance? Bessie Smith
What was the Scopes Trial? A trial in the 1920’s that reflected conflict between religion and science
During the Red Scare, many Americans feared that _communists___ would take over the government.
What group that increased in size in the 1920s openly opposed Blacks, immigrants, Jews, and Catholics?
Ku Klux Klan
___Nativism___ is the belief that native-born Americans are superior to foreigners.
The execution of ___Sacco___ and ___Vanzetti_ showed the growth of anti-foreign feelings in America.