Beginnings of Industrialization

Beginnings of Industrialization
1. Lecture: Beginning of Industrialization
4. Illustration Activity: Industry
1. Bell Ringer: What are the Five major groups within Latin
American Revolutionary movements? Who are they
comprised of within each step?
2. Lecture: Beginning of Industrialization
3. Natural Resources in the Industrial Revolution
4. Illustration Activity: Industry
5. Effects of Industrialization
6. Technology? A good or a bad thing… Writing exercise
7. Discussion on the above question
8. Objectives and HW Explanation
HW: Illustration of Industry
• Industrial Revolutionincreased output of
machine goods in the
18th century (1700s)
• Starts with the
Agriculture Revolution
Agricultural Revolution
Wealthy landowners
enclosed land, and used
new seeding and
harvesting methods.
1. Landowners
experimented with new
2. Forced small farmers to
become tenant farmers,
or move to cities.
Crop Rotation
• Biggest development of
• Planted crops in rotation
to keep nutrients in the
– Wheat- takes nutrients
– Turnips- restores nutrients.
• Livestock, only allow best
animals to breed, and
better animals result.
Industrialization Needs!!!
• Natural Resources
– Coal, Water, Iron
• Political Stability
– Parliament passed laws to
protect businesses, aid in
• Economic Strength
– Businessmen invested in
new ventures
– Banking system, loans
given to start businesses.
• Factors of Production
• Land, Labor, and
Wealth are all factors
of production.
• Inventions made work
more efficient in the
• Water Frame
– Uses rivers to drive
spinning wheels.
• Spinning Jenny
– James Hargreaves, a
spinner could work eight
threads at once.
= Spinning Mule
• Created by Samuel
Crompton, 1779, led to
better thread.
• Factory system develops to
house machinery.
Textiles and Innovation
• Steam Engine
– Created by James
Watt in 1765.
– Allowed factories to
move away from the
• Cotton needed in
textile mills, Eli
Whitney made
production efficient
with “cotton gin”
• Road
– Construction methods
improved to allow for
– John McAdam created
the method of large
rocks and crushed
• Water
– Robert Fulton created
the steamboat in 1807
• Steam driven car on
• Steam engines could
haul heavy loads.
• Liverpool-Manchester
railroad allows for
increased travel and
efficient shipping of
industrial goods.
What do you see here?
In the nineteenth century the Northumbrians show the world what
can be done with iron and coal by William Bell Scott. 1861.
Wallington, Northumbria. Courtesy Wallington, the National Trust.
Technology? Good or bad?
• Explain your opinion regarding the
following issue:
• Is technology is a good or bad
development and why?
– Give examples of today i.e. cell phones,
laptops, weaponry, anthrax, nuclear