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Punctuating Dialogue Review
For each selection, add the appropriate punctuation without using your notes. Then, check your
work using your notes and write your score on the line. Try to get a perfect score by round 3!
Round one: from If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Pretending not to hear us, she reaches into the cabinet for a box of Bisquick
“Please. How hard can it be? Who wants pancakes
“I do! I do! Teddy yells “Can we have them with chocolate chips in them
I don’t see why not Mom replies
“Woo hoo “ Teddy yelps, waving his arms in the air.
You have far too much energy for this early in the morning I tease.
score: _____ / 14
Round two: from Gone by Michael Grant
“She was writing the word ‘polynomial ‘ Astrid said in a church-voice whisper.
Yeah, I was going to guess that Sam said dryly
“I had a polynomial once Quinn said “My doctor removed it
Astrid ignored the weak attempt at humor “She disappeared in the middle of
writing the ‘o.’ I was looking right at her
score: _____ / 14
Round three: from The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Conner pressed his lips together and then said As I told you, my status in the
court is minor. It’s useless for me to aspire to the throne. It would be taken over a
hundred times before I attained enough power to acquire it
He didn’t ask whether you’d get the throne I said He asked whether you
wanted it
Connor smiled “Is there anyone who bows to the throne and does not wish that
he was the one who sat on it? Tell me, Sage, have you ever lain on the hard floor of the
orphanage, staring at the stars through cracks in the ceiling, and wondered what it
would be like to be king?
score: _____ / 14