Rwanda The Rwandan Genocide starting in April 1994 By: Abby, Bryce, Jose

The Rwandan Genocide starting in April 1994
ended in July of 1994
By: Abby, Bryce, Jose
Date it Began
• It lasted 100 days and in that time between 500,000 and one million
Rwandan Tuties where murdered
Cause of conflict
• Causes of the conflict arose from the tensions between the religious
groups called the Hutu and Tuitses.
• it began When the extremist- led government of Hutus began a plan
to eliminate the Tutsis after the presidents plane was shot down over
Kigali on April 6th 1994.
• The Militia group known as the Interahamwe (“ those who attack
together”) and Impuzamuganbi (“those who have the same goal”) set
up road blocks and barricades and began to slaughter all Tutsis that
entered the area.
The First Victims
• The first victim was the Hutu Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana
and her 10 Belgian bodyguards where killed on April 7th 1994.
• In her place militant groups took over
People involved
Hutu extremist
Death Camps
• 800,000 people were killed within the first 3 months
• During this period, a local radio station called upon average citizens to
murder there civilian neighbors.
• RPF ( Rwandan patriotic front) gained control over most of the
country by July of 1994 in response to that 2 million people mostly all
Hutus fled Rwanda, crowding into refugee camps in the Congo.
• The RPF began to take control of the government
End Result
• At Arusha a peace treaty was established and the NRMD which had
played a role in the genocide was outlawed.
• The government was set up to have a Hutu and a Tutsi in the
government .
End Result
• A new constitution was adopted in 2003 to eliminate reference to
ethnicity , it was also followed by Kagame’s election to a 10-year term
as Rawadas president and the country's first ever legislative election.
Pledge Awareness
• We pledge to inform others on the horrific events that have occurred
throughout history so that they may never occur again. We pledge to
make others aware of the sighs of genocide so that they can be
(Rwandan flag )
Those who
forget the
past are
doomed to
repeat it
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