Parts of the How to Read Literature Presentation

Parts of the How to Read Literature Presentation
____ Read your Chosen Chapter
____ Take Notes on your Chosen Chapter
____ Choose 3 texts (outside of those in the chapter) to help with your presentation
1. Use as an example in your presentation and in your paper.
2. Give an excerpt for your classmates to read and complete a learning strategy and use in your paper.
3. Use this one only in your paper.
____ Research and Choose 1 STRONG learning strategy – I have books and gave you a website
Quizzes & Notes are learning strategies but find something more creative.
____ Outline your Presentation – Use the outline organizer if you’re having trouble
____ Create your presentation using some Software/ Online Presentation Tool
____ Practice your presentation
____ Write a five-six page essay where you analyze how your three texts are examples of the topic of
your chapter.
All usual essay standards apply and you MUST have a works cited page!
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