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E360 Senior English (IVa)
Fall 2012 Syllabus
Course Objective: This course is designed to complete the four-year curriculum as determined
by the Texas Education Association. Beyond the reading, understanding, and assessing of
literature, students will be challenged to look towards the future and think about how
communication through writing impacts individuals and societies. The study of literature is about
people and what is conveyed through poetry and prose. What does the writing say about past
cultures? How does this material impact the present and the future? My goal is to help your
student achieve success academically and carry that success forward as they forge a happy,
productive life.
Texts: Students may purchase their own copy of the novel; however, it will be provided.
Prentice Hall Literature
Grendel by John Gardner or Beowulf [full text]
Material: Students are encouraged to keep an organized, portable filing system for notes and
materials, and it should be brought to class each day; however, I will not pick up notebooks for a
3-ring binder
Wide or college-ruled loose-leaf paper
Blue and black ink pens, # 2 pencils, and hi-lighters
“sticky” notes for the annotation of texts
Dictionary for home use
Timeline: This is subject to change.
1st nine weeks:
Anglo-Saxon Period with a focus on the culture and the construct of the hero; essay
Novel Unit: Grendel or Beowulf [full text] dialectical journals, notes, quizzes, test and / or
College Unit: Academic Resume and Entrance Essay
Rough Draft
Peer Review
Final Draft
Middle Ages with a focus on Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales; notes, quizzes, test
and / or research essay
2nd nine weeks:
Research Unit (Topics TBA)
Renaissance Poetry with a focus on sonnets
Shakespeare’s Macbeth