1 AP World-Brown-Key Details, Ideas, and Concepts you should know for... Three

AP World-Brown-Key Details, Ideas, and Concepts you should know for Unit
Chapter 17-The West and the World
1. What technology contributed to globalism by the 15th century?
2. What groups were left out of this globalism?
3. How did this global trade network compare with previous trade networks?
4. How did Magellan’s circumnavigation most affect S.E. Asia?
5. How did the northern Europeans take the initiative of exploration away from the
southern Europeans?
6. Why did the English first sail to America?
7. Where did the Dutch rival other European exploring nations Why?
8. How did Dutch and British trade differ from the Iberians?
9. What was the Columbian Exchange and how did it affect the peoples of the world?
10. What areas did the new Western global trade fail to dominate? Why?
11. What is significant about the Battle of Lepanto?
12. What caused Spain to loose its position of dominance in world trade?
13. What was Mercantilism?
14. What was the core zone? The dependent zone? How did they relate?
15. What were coercive labor systems?
16. What were the characteristics of Asian civilizations in terms of their relationship of to the
new global trade network?
17. What was Britain’s relationship to Mughal India?
18. What was the relationship I terms of trade between Eastern and Western Europe in the
17th century?
19. How did the Seven Years War impact India?
20. What were the cultural (religious) consequences of Spain’s conquest of the Philippines?
21. What impact did sugar have on global trade?
22. What was the Dutch relationship to South Africa?
23. In which colonies did Western values take root? Why?
24. Why were southern colonies initially more important in global trade than northern
colonies in terms of the Americas?
25. Compare the cultural impact of Europe on Indians in South America to that of Indians in
North America