Warm Up – Write down two facts from looking at... (You must use more than one map)

Warm Up – Write down two facts from looking at the maps.
(You must use more than one map)
Impact of Western
Expansion on
Native Americans
Content Objective: Compare
U.S. treatment of the Native
American tribes.
Language Objective: List one
reason for Westward
Expansion that impacted the
Native Americans.
Native Americans
Native Americans lived a nomadic life,
following their main source of food,
Treaties and Reservations
 U.S. Government negotiated
treaties – formal agreements
between two sovereign
 Native Americans were
citizens of their tribe, who
lived within the boundaries of
the U.S.
 Reservations were created to
encourage the Native
Americans to live within
clearly defined areas.
Treaties and Reservations
 The U.S. promised to provide food, goods
and money and to protect the Native
Americans from attack by other tribes and
white settlers. The U.S. also promised that
no further demands would be made on the
Native Americans.
 The U.S. Government did not keep its
 Attempted to assimilate (make the
Native Americans similar to the
settlers) and change the Native
American way of life.
 Buffalo – Story of US
Battle of Little Big Horn
 The Sioux nation and the U.S. government signed
a treaty in 1868 that said the Sioux would live on
a reservation as long as the Black Hills, a sacred
place, would be forever protected by the Sioux.
 The U.S. government violated the treaty when
General George Custer led an expedition to mine
for gold in the sacred Black Hills of the Dakotas.
 The Sioux tribes left the reservation to protect
their land against the miners and U.S. troops were
ordered in to bring them back.
Battle of Little Big Horn
 Custer was supposed to wait for
reinforcements, but saw an opportunity
and attacked the Sioux.
 Sioux Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy
Horse defeated Lt. Colonel George
 Custer and his entire command were
 The U.S. government and people
demanded action against the Sioux.
The Massacre at Wounded Knee
 In an act of desperation, the Sioux began
performing a ritual known as the Ghost
 Officials found the dance alarming and
banned it.
The Massacre at Wounded Knee
 Chief Sitting Bull allowed the dance to
continue and during the arrest attempt,
he was killed.
 The rest of the Sioux tribe fled to
Wounded Knee Creek.
 While there, the U.S. army surrounded,
shot and killed the entire tribe.
 300 Sioux killed
 25 U.S. soldiers killed
 Story of US
Warm Up Honors
Answer the following on notebook
1. List 3 reasons people moved
2. Describe at least two features
of the Great Plains.
Warm Up
Answer the following on notebook paper.
1. List 2 reasons people moved
2. Describe the geography of the
Great Plains.
Content Objective: Analyze the lyrics
to “The Heart of the Appaloosa” to
understand what happened to the Nez
Language Objective: List the states
where there were battles to maintain
land by the Apache, Nez Perce and
 Tribe surrendered to U.S. Government
despite broken promises.
 Geronimo
 Escaped the reservation in 1881 and
continued to battle U.S. troops until his
surrender in 1886.
 He spent 27 years as a
prisoner of war.
 “I should have never
surrendered,” Geronimo
said on his deathbed. “I
should have fought until
I was the last man alive.”
Nez Percé
 In 1877 the
demanded that
they move
their tribe to a
reservation in
Idaho because
of the gold
Nez Percé
The tribe reluctantly agreed
until Chief Joseph found out
members of his tribe attacked a
bunch of white settlers in anger.
To save his tribe, they tried to
use a military retreat to escape
to Canada.
Chief Joseph
 They made it 3 months and traveled
1,170 miles. Chief Joseph surrendered
just 40 miles short of Canadian border.
 “From where the sun now stands, I
will fight no more forever”
1. List the states the Nez Perce traveled
through in their escape attempt.
Nez Perce
 Heart of the Appaloosa
Westward Expansion Rap
 http://youtu.be/aqCO1fMWeOM