World War II Study Guide

World War II Study Guide
Causes of World War II
Hint: These are the ways post WWI
Europe set the stage for WWII
 Worldwide depression
 High war debt owed by
 High inflation
 Massive unemployment
World War II began September 1,
1939 when Hitler invaded Poland.
This event marks the beginning of
World War II!!
Allied Powers in WWII
Great Britain led by Churchill
Soviet Union (from 1941) led by Stalin
United States (from 1941) led by Roosevelt
Axis Powers in WWII
Hint: These leaders are all
FASCIST dictators
 Germany led by Hitler
 Italy led by Mussolini
 Japan led by Tojo
American Policy towards Europe and Asia changes
 Originally isolated
 Lend-Lease Policy – U.S. starts lending war materials to Allies in exchange
for land in the Caribbean.
 Tensions caused by Japanese aggression in East Asia
 December 7, 1941 – Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor
without warning. (A date which will live in infamy!)
 The U.S. declared war on Japan
Be sure to review the details of each of these battles and turning points.
1. Germany invaded Poland.
2. Germany captured Paris.
3. Germany bombed London (Battle of Britain).
4. U.S. provided supplies to the Allies through the Lend Lease Policy.
5. Japan bomb Pearl Harbor.
6. US declares war on Japan
7. Germany declared war on the United States.
Be sure to study the vocabulary!