Ancient China

Ancient China
We are learning about Ancient China in second grade. Below is a list of many
of the things we will be learning. This sheet will hopefully inform you as to
what your second grader is learning and help in preparing for the final
assessment at the end of our unit. We will be comparing Ancient China to
the Native American tribes we have already studied and eventually to
Ancient Egypt.
o Ancient – long, long ago
o Climate – the kind of weather an area has over a long period of
o Land – the shape of the land’s surface
o Architecture – the design of buildings
o Contribution – the act of giving or doing something
o Locating Asia on a world map
o Locating China on a map of Asia
o Written Language – characters, symbols
o Inventions
 Kite
 Silk cloth
 Compass
 Bronze
 Fireworks
o Architecture – the Great Wall
Climate, Land and Plant Life
o Climate – seasons
o Land – Forests, hills, mountains, and deserts
o Plant Life – a great variety
Ancient people made
contributions that
affect the present