The Road to World War I

The Road to World War I
Causes of World War I 1914 - 1918
Trouble in Europe
 Germany, Russia and Italy wanted to expand
 European countries were building up armies
 Alliances were built between countries
 If one country in an Alliance went to war, so did others
4 M.A.I.N Causes of World War I:
M- MILITARISM: policy of building up strong military forces to prepare for war
A- ALLIANCES: agreements between nations to protect one another (divided into 2 teams)
I- IMPERIALISM: when a strong country takes over a weak country (colonies)
N- NATIONALISM: pride in or loyalty to one’s country
Alliances – Allied Powers vs. Central Powers
1. Great Britain
1. Germany
2. France
2. Austria-Hungary
3. Russia
3. Ottoman Empire
4. Serbia
4. Bulgaria
5. Belgium
6. United States (enters in 1917)
The Big Problem
 Countries taking over territories and building up strong militaries.
 Competition and rivalry in has created a great deal of tension in Europe.
 Even the tiniest spark could cause war between two countries
 Because of alliances, war between 2 countries will turn into war between many countries
The Spark
On June 28, 1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife of Austria Hungary are visiting
Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed in Bosnia by a Serbian nationalist who believed
that Bosnia should belong to Serbia.
The Point of No Return
Austria blamed Serbia for Ferdinand’s death and declared war on Serbia.
Germany pledged their support for Austria -Hungary.
Russia pledged their support for Serbia.
Germany declares war on Russia.
France pledges their support for Russia
Germany declares war on France.
Germany invades Belgium on the way to France.
Great Britain supports Belgium and declares war on Germany
What Should America Do?
Many Americans believe that it is Europe’s war.
President Wilson encourages NEUTRALITY - We should stay out of it.
“Armed Neutrality”: remain neutral but ready to defend ourselves