Monday Memo 1/11/16 Hello Parents,

Monday Memo 1/11/16
Hello Parents,
Happy New Year! The students are in full force with
their winter portion of their season project! Last week they
learned about the season of winter, the winter months the
winter holidays. This week, they will be learning about winter
clothing and activities.
On Thursday, the students will be taking a trip to the
nearby Marshall’s store. They will pick out winter essentials
such as mittens, hats and scarves. These items will then be
donated to those who need a bit of help this winter. Also this
week, the students will continue with the PALS and DRA
Now that January is here (and it actually feels like
January) I’d like to remind you to dress your children
appropriately. Also, LABEL each item. The students are not
always able to identify their own clothes and we cannot always
remember what belongs to who. Thank you!
Mrs. Casanova