Socratic Seminar 3: Ch. 12-16

Socratic Seminar 3:
Ch. 12-16
Why does Atticus risk
everything, including his family,
to defend Tom
Robinson? Does he risk too
We meet two new “worlds” in these
chapters: Southern womanhood
through Aunt A and Maycomb’s
black community. How do these
“worlds” affect the viewpoint of
the novel and how do they affect
the overall impact of the novel?
What is the purpose of Dill’s
character in these chapters?
Why is Ch. 15 important in terms of
character development, plot
development, and theme
Consider Miss Maudie’s role
throughout the trial. What do
we learn about these
Also, why do the children sit
where they do at the trial?
If absent:
write a paragraph on each of the
questions with two quotations as
evidence for the makeup grade.