Interview with one of the Main Characters

Interview with one of the Main Characters
Imagine you are a reporter for a local television news station. You have been assigned
the task of interviewing a main character in the story. Select one event that is extremely
important to the book and develop a series of at least 10 questions to ask. (You want to
pull out additional information about the character, the character’s feelings and the actual
event.) Tape record an interview with the character to be played and shared with the
reading group. You might need the help of a friend or family member to create your
interview recording. Focus on good questions that stretch the character’s thinking.
Note: If you do not have a tape recorder…write out all your questions and the main
character’s responses. Elaborate on your answers and as the reporter you may need to
ask additional information to dig deeper into the head of the character to get more
information. Share next time your interview.