Name _____________________________ Virginia Weekly # 21

Name _____________________________
Virginia Weekly # 21
Why did Virginia wait as long as they could to secede from the Union? ___________________________
Complete the chart below with important information about each idea or person and include an icon or
symbol to help you remember the idea or person.
Idea / Person:
Robert E. Lee
Thomas Stonewall
The First Battle of
The Battle of
Richmond and
Important facts and ideas:
Icon / symbol:
What was the Monitor and the Merrimack? _________________________________________________
What were some of the hardships of fighting a war on your own soil? (List at least three ideas:
__________________________________, _________________________________________________,
__________________________________, _________________________________________________
How many battles did the state of Virginia have? ____________________________________________
Illustrate a scene from the civil war and then illustrate what modern warfare would look like. Include
color in each illustration. Use label whenever needed to help clarify your ideas.