Matter Study Guide

Matter Study Guide
Terms to Know
 Matter – anything that takes up space and has mass
 Mass – is a measure of the amount of matter
 Volume – the amount of space an object takes up
 Physical Changes – when matter changes from one
state of matter to another
 Melting – when a solid changes into a liquid by
adding heat (the temperature goes up)
 Freezing – when a liquid changes into a solid when
the temperature goes down.
 Condensation When water vapor (gas) turns to
water (liquid), like the mirror in your bathroom after a
hot shower.
Concepts to Remember
 Matter most commonly occurs in three states: solids,
liquids, and gases. You should be able to give an
example for each.
 Matter can change from one state to another.
 When matter changes from one state to another, these
changes are referred to as physical changes.