Do Now: In a min of 3 lines: ... Provide an example if you can think of one.

Do Now: In a min of 3 lines: What is a REVOLUTION?
Provide an example if you can think of one.
Today, I will explain how the colonists pursued peace and
war in 1775. I will describe the advantages that each side
had upon entering the war. I will explain how the
Continental Army gained control of Boston.
Statement # 7 should read: *During the period of
colonization European countries took ___________ materials
from the colonies and made _______________goods…
T/F #6: Once the Treaty of England was *signed* in 1763…
Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen
capture Fort Ticonderoga giving them cannons
and a key route into Canada.
June 1775, the Second Continental Congress
approves the creation of a Continental Army,
which is to be led by George Washington
(what’s the irony of appointing Washington as the
commander of the C.A.?)
Peace: John Dickinson of PA drafts the Olive
Branch Petition; we are loyal, repeal the
“Intolerable Acts”
Home field advantage
Familiar with weapons
GW is a excellent
military mind
Willing to fight in an
unconventional style
(guerilla warfare)
Highly trained,
disciplined, and
seasoned soldiers
Best navy in the world
Large number of
Poorly trained (no real
experience fighting)
Few military supplies
(cannons, gunpowder,
No navy
3000 miles away from
Not knowing who the
enemy is (difficult to tell
loyalist from patriot,
they look the same)
Parliament closed the port of Boston.
Forbade Massachusetts to hold Town Meetings
more than once a year – had to have permission
of the governor.
Any official charged with a crime had to be put
on trial in Britain.
Quartering Act – Colonists had to house British
The “Intolerable Acts” of 1774, lead the
colonists to form the “First Continental
Congress;” where 12 out of the 13 colonies
meet and decide the following:
Full support of Massachusetts
Boycott all British products
Stop selling products to Britain
Form and train colonial militias
Reconvene in 8 months
There ‘s a rumor that
minutemen have a
large cache of
weapons stored in
Concord; Gen. Gage
planned a surprise
march to Concord to
seize the weapons.
Sons of Liberty send
out the alert (Revere
and Prescott notify
colonists along the
way to Concord.
“By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their
flag to April’s breeze unfurled, Here once the
embattled farmers stood, And fired the shot
heard round the world…” (Emerson, 1836)
Second Continental Congress convenes in
Philadelphia PA.
Peace or War?
June 1775 (Continental Army is established,
George Washington is selected to lead).
Olive Branch Petition written by John Dickinson of
We’re loyal, just repeal the “Intolerable Acts”
KG3 is furious, request is denied and vows to bring rebels
to justice.
Loyal to the crown = don’t want to become
independent of British rule; example: Sarah in
Liberty’s kids
Patriot= want to become independent of British
rule; example: James in Liberty’s kids.
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