World Cultures Syllabus

World Cultures Syllabus
2014-2015 School Year
In this course we will explore the different cultures of the world. Students will be exposed to the
different cultures of the world that have importance to them and their country. Topics covered
for each culture will include music, food, clothes, history, government, environment, religion,
and traditions. The main goals of this course will be to understand how the different people of
the world live and to understand that the world is a global network with each country or region
playing an important role in the world.
Classroom rules:
Stay in your seat
Be on time
Respect everyone
No phones *
Don’t sleep
Don’t even think about being a bully
The majority of the grades will be in-class assignments. Graded class activities will be
completed during every class, bring a pencil. If a student does not finish the activity during the
class, they will be permitted to complete it for homework and turn it in the next day. Vocabulary
quizzes will also be given throughout the different units of the course. Participation points will
be rewarded weekly and make up 20% of the class grade.
Class Topics:
1. Pennsylvania
2. The different regions of America
3. Our neighbors: Mexico and Canada
4. China
5. Middle East
6. Europe
7. Africa
8. South America
9. Australia and Oceania
10. World wrap-up
Contact Information:
Mr. Ralston
Room 107;