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Mr. Brown
Algebra I
Woodland Hills Junior High
Email: [email protected]
School Phone: 412-351-0698
My name is Mr. Brown and I am your son/daughter’s Algebra I Teacher. I am looking forward to the upcoming
school year and the opportunity to help your child succeed not only in Mathematics but in the classroom setting
as well. The classroom rules and requirements have been explained to your child and are a part of this syllabus
to afford you the opportunity to read and review them with your child. As a team, we can make this a
successful experience for your child.
Course Description
Math class will primarily focus on preparing students for two major themes. The first involves making sure
students are learning the necessary skills in order to proceed to Geometry and Algebra II. The second involves
making sure students are learning the necessary skills in order to score proficient or better on the PSSA and
Keystone Exam. Each lesson developed will address these important themes. Appropriate pacing will occur to
ensure that no student is left behind and challenges will be available to those students who are able to excel in
the area of mathematics.
Grading Policy
Grading is based on an objective point system: exams, quizzes, homework, notebooks, class participation, class
preparation, and behavior. The Woodland Hills School District’s grading scale will be used.
Exams and Quizzes (approx. 60%): Exams will be given when a unit has been completed. Sufficient notice
will be given to the student prior to the exam. Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the unit to gage
student understanding. Quizzes may or may not be announced.
Class work/Notebook/Homework (approx. 30%): Homework will be checked on a daily basis and credit will
be given based upon effort. I expect all students to make an honest attempt on their assignments. When
students are absent, they are expected to borrow another student’s notebook and copy the notes that they
missed. Homework will be given 3-5 times per week. Therefore it is important for every student to have a
notebook to take back and forth to school to keep themselves and their assignments organized. Homework will
only be accepted for full credit the day that it is due! (unless it is late because of an absense) Late-work is
3 points if turned in before the quiz.
Class Participation (approx. 10%): Every student is expected to contribute towards a positive classroom
environment. This includes: answering questions, working at the board, asking questions, working well with
others, and displaying appropriate classroom behavior. This is also a way for students to earn extra credit.
Class Preparation: Preparation includes coming to class with the appropriate materials (pencils, homework,
notebooks, worksheets, textbooks, etc…). This will count as a part of the class participation portion of the
Class Procedures
When you come into class, the previous night’s homework should be on your desk and the Do Now should be
completed. Stay on task throughout the lesson or activity and always do your best. At the end of the period,
make sure the assignment is written down and do not line up by the door. Remain in your seat until the teacher
dismisses you and please remember to push in your chairs.
Classroom Expectations
- I am in the classroom when the bell rings.
- I turn in my work on time.
- I bring my materials to class.
- I do my homework assignments.
- I dress appropriately.
- I participate actively in class.
- I work with my team members in
group assignments.
- I complete my class assignments.
- I take pride in myself, my work, and
my school.
- I raise my hand before I speak.
- I listen and speak respectfully to staff members and classmates.
- I respect others’ personal space.
Discipline for failing to comply with the classroom expectations will result in the following:
1.) A warning, and loss of the day’s class participation points.
2.) Moving your seat, a phone call home, and loss of the day’s class participation points.
3.) A referral to the office, and loss of the day’s class participation points.
Missed exams, quizzes, and/or other assignments: Good attendance is necessary to do well in class, as most
information will be given during the class periods. Therefore, poor attendance generally leads to poor grades.
If a student is absent from class for any reason, he/she will have the same number of days he/she was absent
to complete any missed assignment(s), including homework, projects, and tests, upon returning back to school!
Graded assignments that are not made up in a timely fashion will be given a score of zero.
Algebra I – GLENCO STUDENT BOOK ONLINE********FIRST ASSIGNMENT-access the online book
The book can be accessed via edline.
The book’s units will be listed. Click on the + in front of the desired unit, and the Chapter for that unit
will appear. Click on the + in front of the desired Chapter, and the lessons for that Chapter will appear.
Click on the desired lesson.
Sign up for homework and class reminders by text or e-mail:
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If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or
leave a message for me via the office phone at 412-351-0698.
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------Algebra---------Assignment #1 (please cut on the dashed line and return the bottom portion)
I have read the information and understand the procedures as written on Mr. Brown’s Welcome Sheet
and I have completed the first assignment of accessing the online book and exploring his website with at
least one adult at home.
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