Name: ______________________ #_____ Editing Checklist

Name: ______________________ #_____
o Is my graphic organizer completed and detailed?
o Do I have a creative title?
o Does each sentence begin with a capital letter?
o Do I have the correct punctuation at the end of each sentence?
o Do I have any run on sentences?
o Did I correct any misspelled words?
o Did I capitalize any proper nouns?
o Did I use commas correctly (BEFORE conjunctions)?
o Did I use apostrophes for contractions?
o Do I have at least SEVEN describing words?
o Did I combine at least THREE sentences with a conjunction?
o Do my sentences make sense?
o Does my writing stay on the assigned topic?
o Do I have FOUR indented paragraphs?
o Do most of my sentences begin in different ways?
(My writing contains transition words.)
Editing Checklist