Do You Know? Force, Motion, and Energy Study Guide

Do You Know?
Force, Motion, and Energy Study Guide
Can you answer the following questions? Use your notebook, investigation
sheets, and vocabulary list to find the answers. (Answers are posted on the
Define force. (push or pull)
Motion is stopped and started by what? (forces)
What do you use to measure force? (spring scale)
Heavier objects need more force or less force to be moved? (more force)
What does friction create? (heat)
List five position words. (examples: behind, above, below, left, right)
What kind of graph shows changes over time? (line graph)
What is inertia? (objects at rest stay at rest and objects in motion stay in
motion unless acted upon by a force)
9. Do smoother surfaces have more or less friction? (less)
10. Without friction, could you stop a bicycle that you were riding? (Answers
need to be supported with a reason.)
11. What two words describe an object’s motion? (direction and speed)
12.What kind of energy do all moving objects have? (kinetic)
13.Why does the first hill on a roller coaster need to be the tallest? (So the cart
has enough kinetic energy at the bottom of the first hill to carry it over the
second hill.)
14.As a ball is dropped, it loses potential energy and gains….. (kinetic energy)
15. What force will cause a rolling ball that doesn’t touch any other object to
slow down and stop? (friction)
16. What is electrical energy? (result of electricity – look for an electrical cord)
17.What is mechanical energy? (energy associated with the motion of an
object – ex: can opener)