The One and Only By: Donny Winter John Rosson David Wong

The One and Only
By: Donny Winter
John Rosson
David Wong
Kendal McCarter
Items used for the device
(2) 37” pieces of wood
(2) 13” pieces of wood
(3) pulleys
50” inches of rope
(2) 24” inches of fishing line
duck tape and nails
Rocks for the counter weight
The Energy used in this device
Our box (counter weight) acts as PE.
As the box counters the one kilogram
weight, it moves the object; therefore, the
potential energy turns into kinetic energy.
The E-loss is due to the duct tape, fishing
lines, and the metal bar when in motion.
At first, we could not get the design to
overcome its static friction.
It was difficult to accumulate the amount
of weight needed to get the device in
Amount of Kinetic Friction to slow it
The design was inexpensive.
We learned that friction can be a pain to
overcome and account for.
Overall, it was a fun project for teamwork and
We figured out how to counter our flaws within
in the device by adding more items for an
increase of Kinetic Energy and taking out some
items to overcome static friction.