Day 1:

Day 1:
22 June, 99
Things seem to be okay. The groups naturally formed themselves as the students sat in 3
rows of approximately 4 each.
The Explorations may have been a bit too easy I think. A couple of the students seemed
bored – I’ll need to watch this.
Assignment: page 7, 1-5 (all parts of all problems)
1 July, 99
I’m not certain that I like this book that much – it seems to be lacking in rigor. The
groups are growing frustrated – a couple of students have asked when they are going to
start doing “real math” – like the kind they need for their other classes. I feel for them.
This book seems to do a good job of teach Math, but not symbol manipulation skills
which are important in their other classes.
Grading homework every day is a pain in the ass.