CSU, Chico Computer Lab Accessibility Standards

CSU, Chico Computer Lab Accessibility Standards
In order to meet federal, state, and university requirements for accessibility, computer labs
at CSU, Chico should have the following provisions:
1. One wheelchair accessible station for each 20 stations (5%). Wheelchair stations
should meet the following specifications1:
- minimum knee clearance of 27" high, 30" wide, 19" deep
- table top 28" - 34" from floor
- stations should be on an aisle
- wheelchair stations must have signs indicating that wheelchair users have priority
at these stations
2. Access to wheelchair stations requires a passage no narrower at any point than 32" (e.g.
a doorway) and 36" continuously (e.g. the aisle). The space required for a wheelchair to
make a 180-degree turn is a clear space 60 inches in diameter or an equivalent Tshaped space2.
3. All computers should have the following campus standard software installed:
- screen magnification
- sticky-keys
- mouse-keys
(These utilities are available as install options within both Windows and Mac operating
4. Trackballs, trackpads, and ergonomic keyboards should be installed promptly on a
request basis. These items are available for semester-long checkout from Student
Requests for other accommodations should be discussed promptly with Accessibility
Resource Center. Once ARC has verified the need for accommodation, a representative
from the department will meet with ARC and IT Support Services to determine the best
method of accommodation. Implementation of the accommodation is the responsibility of
the department, with assistance from ITSS.
California Building Code, Title 24, section 1122B. Student Computing can provide ordering information
for wheelchair height desks and adjustable height desks.
California Building Code, Title 24, section 1118B.
rev July, 2006
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