To Whom It May Concern:

To Whom It May Concern:
We have only one desire in this life, and that is to make the name of Christ
go forth into all nations, all tribes, and to all people groups. We take John 3:30
very seriously when John stated that “He must become greater, and I must
become less.” This is the cry of our hearts. We desire nothing more than for
Christ to be lifted up, and we also desire to see students actively involved in that
elevating process. The many goals that make up this ministry can be summed up
by the following statement, “It’s not about me.”
As a ministry, we are actively pursuing the students at Brewton-Parker
College in hopes that they encounter Christ and begin to grow in Him. It’s not
about numbers, programs, or even attendance; it’s about a Savior. We are
passionately trying to spread the truth of the gospel to each student, faculty
member, and person that encounters our fine institution. Though most people
come to college for an education, we continuously pray that you encounter the
amazing reality of who God is. Our purpose is to actively involve students in a
life-changing, Christ centered ministry. We are praying for you and have the
greatest desires to see you grow into an intimate relationship with our amazing
Yours Truly,
Lauren Parnell – State Missionary
Andrew Tucker – BCM President