Mader Chapter 18 Complete flashcards for

AP Biology – Mader Chapter 18
Process of Evolution
Complete flashcards for the vocabulary terms found on page 316 of your text.
1. What is the Hardy-Weinberg principle?
b. What five conditions must be met for the Hardy-Weinberg principle to be true?
2. Since those 5 condition are never met, what good is the Hardy-Weinberg principle?
(see side note pg 303)
3. Briefly describe the four causes of Microevolution and give examples of each.
- Genetic Mutations
- Gene Flow
- Nonrandom Mating
- Genetic Drift
4. Describe and give examples of:
- Bottleneck Effect
- Founder Effect
5. In your own words, summarize the four requirements for evolution by natural
6. Diagram and explain each of the three types of selection. Give examples other than the
ones in the book.
7. State ways in which variation in maintained in a population.
8. What is the biological definition of a species?
9. What is a reproductive isolating mechanism?
10. Describe the prezygotic and postzygotic barriers listed below in your own terms
- Habitat Isolation
- Temporal Isolation
- Behavioral Isolation
- Mechanical Isolation
- Gamete Isolation
- Zygote Mortality
- Hybrid Sterility
- F2 Fitness
11. Describe the differences between sympatric and allopatric speciation.
12. A species of aliens lands on the Earth and begins to colonize. Describe how the
process of adaptive radiation might take place, assuming they colonize the entire Earth,
including deserts, polar regions, rainforests, and the oceans.