2. Spend five minutes quietly

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
AP English Language and Composition
1. Complete following quiz on Elements of Style by
Strunk and White: write down five rules that you recall
from Elements of Style and ascertain how these five
rules will improve your writing (however, don’t tell me
that they’ll make your writing clearer – be more
specific). (1st pd.)
2. Spend five minutes quietly reviewing the syllabus
and grading policy– any questions? Review items
that are sacred to me (and hopefully to you too).
3. Finish reading/listening to David Foster Wallace
Commencement Speech. As a class, discuss what
about this speech jumps out at you, whether it’s
the theme, the grammar, the syntax, rhetorical
devices, and so on. How do any of these
elements add to the effectiveness of this speech?
4. In literature circles, compile quotes or passage from
Welty and its corresponding lesson. Within your circle,
determine which quote/passage and corresponding
lesson your group likes the best and transfer to chart