No. 2 Dec. 99

No. 2 Dec. 99
Journal » Journal of Royal
1999 » Vol. 6 No. 2 Dec. 99
Title & Names
Attitude of Physicians Towards Medical Record Departments at King
Hussein Medical Center
M. T. Ajluni, H. K. Irshaid, T. F. Ahmad
Radiological Findings and Lung Dysfunction in Phosphate Workers in
M. Etawi, M. Ghatasheh, A. Sulieman, A. Sharara
Hyperintense Singals in Globus Pallidus in Brain Magnetic Resonant
Image and their Relation to the Cause and Severity of Liver Impairment
A. J. Suleiman, H. K. Habboub, W. A. Obeidat
Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs of the Jordanian Peace Keeping Armed
Forces about AIDS
B. Zou’bi
Beating Heart Coronary Artery Bypass Graft in Very high Risk Patients
(The Experience of Two centers)
S. Jaber, A. Rumman, N. Qaqish, B. Akasheh, P. Spence
The Experience of in vetro Fertilization Monitored bu Ultrasound Alone
N. Murad
Intrauterine Devices: Reasons for Removal
M. S. Al-Hiasat
Prevalence and Indications of Cesarean Section in Patients at Prince
Rashed Ben Al-Hassan Hospital
H. S. Qublan, M. Shehab
Implant – Supported Overdenture verus Complete Denture: A
Comparative Study
F. S. Al-Sharafat
Familial Mediterranean fever in Jordanian
A. Othman, I. Tahboub
Inguinal Herniotomy in Infants. A Pilot Study
M. A. Al-Yamani, S.K. Hammouri
Nutritional Rickets in Children: King Hussein Medical Center Experience
A. H. S. Najada, I. A. Khreisat, A. Wahadneh, M. Habashneh
Correlation of Depressive Symptoms with Clinical Activity and Function in
Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
H. I. Al-Sayegh
Inherited Bleeding Disorders. A Retrospective Study
S. S. Eid, M.W. Abu-Ghoush
Confirmation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Nerve Conduction Study
S. M. Beni-Atta, A. J. Afram Denian
Ankylopharon Filiforme Adnatum. A Case Report and Review of the
A. Tahat, J. M. Hina, B. T. Baa’ra
Intracanicular Facial Nerve Neuroma. A rare Entity.
H. Fakhuri, S. Zureikat, M. McGee
Hypopigmented Mycosis Fungoides. A Case Report
A. Al-Tarawneh
Screening for Bacteriuria Using Reagent Strips at KHMC
R. Y. Goussous, S. Sl-Jitawi, W. M. Maithalouni
Cost Analysis of the Spiral Computed Tomography Scan Machine
Utilization in Royal Medical Services
H. K. Irshaid, K. O. Bani Bader, E. M. Jbour