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Philadelphia University
Student name :
: Prof. S. Ghoul
: Prof. S. Ghoul
Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Computer Science
Practical work Paper
MSc. Course
Algorithms & Complexity (750721)
Second Practical Work
May 5, 2013, Due date June 2, 2013
2nd Semester of 2012-2013
1. Problems
You are asked to deal with the following problems:
Algorithm Design Pattern programming
10 m
We have studied Design Patterns for DFS, BFS, Backtracking, Branch & bound, and Paralleled and
distributed algorithms
o Choose one Frame works of each one
o Generate an instances from each chosen one
o program the obtained instance in any programming language
1 + 1 +2 +3 + 3
2. Objectives
You are expected to achieve the following objectives, in this work:
- Real problems definition
- Real applications of algorithm development methods
- Researching appropriated tools
- Tool self learning and application
- Writing reports and presenting results
3. Required tasks
You are asked to:
- develop algorithms according to the above methods,
- implement them in any programming language supporting these methods
- write a report defining the problem, the used method, and the features of the PL supporting this method