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Philadelphia University
Internal Examiner
: Prof. S. Ghoul
: Prof. S. Ghoul
: Prof. Q. Al Obaidi
Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Computer Science
Practical work Paper
MSc. Course
Fundamentals of Scientific Research (7507**)
First Practical Work 2009-2010.2
April 24, 2010, Due date May 4, 2010
1. Problems
You are asked to deal with the following problem:
Research Project Planning (Projects Management Tools).
During the Research Project Management techniques, we have outlined the importance of mastering some
project management tools. So, you are asked to:
- Develop a research activity plan.
- Use a Project Management tool to develop: Bar Chart, task table, CPM – AON plan, PERT plan, …
- Document your Work.
2. Objectives
You are expected to achieve the following objectives, in this work:
- Mapping Research Processes elements into a real Research situation.
- Real applications of Research.
- Searching appropriated tools
- Tool self learning and application
- Writing reports and presenting results
3. Required tasks
You are asked to:
- Experiment the precedent fixed tools.
- Solve the precedent problems