Job Description
Facilities Maintenance & Construction
Refrigeration Mechanic
Job Code: 8860 – Contract Classified
Department Introduction:
Facilities Maintenance and Facilities Construction are responsible for general maintenance, repair, alterations, and
renovations of all campus facilities including building interiors, exteriors, and grounds.
Job Purpose:
Perform skilled journey-level refrigeration mechanic work to install, repair and maintain all types of refrigeration, airconditioning and chilled water systems.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Ensure that all work is performed in compliance with the federal and local requirements and the UW Refrigerant
Management Plan requirements
 Install, operate, repair and maintain all types of refrigeration systems, including air-conditioning, chilled water
systems, and refrigeration units
 Diagnose, inspect, troubleshoot and overhaul associated electrical control circuits, temperature and pressure
controls and all related refrigeration components using manuals and blueprints
 Test coils, valves and connections to determine that systems are leak proof and properly adjusted
 May develop cost estimates for installation and repairs
 Operate and maintain cooling towers, including water treatment systems
 Recharge systems with proper refrigerant when necessary
 Maintain and repair compressor units and departmental research refrigeration equipment
 Test, measure and adjust all types of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for most
efficient performance
 Operate machinery such as fork-lifts, scissor-lifts and high rangers
 Load and unload materials and supplies
 Operate vehicles such as University vans and trucks to transport tools and equipment to various worksites
 Assist in developing cost effective solutions for repair and maintenance problems
 Keep leads and supervisors informed of project status and work progress, required project materials and
 Communicate and collaborate with other Facilities Services shops and other business partners such as Design
Services, Capital Projects Office and UW Technology to facilitate work
 Know and comply with occupational health and safety regulations that apply to work actions and conduct on the
job, including Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) instructions, Hazard Review Checklists (HRCs), and the use of
personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever required
 Comply with all University and Facilities Services policies and procedures, Facilities Maintenance & Construction
(FMC) protocols, i.e. Individual Accountability Protocols (IAP)
 Support all management directives and the vision and values of FMC
 Participate in and follow through with FMC process improvement initiatives (Balanced scorecard, Lean, Ideas
 Actively participate in meetings and training as scheduled
 Provide excellent customer service through effective, courteous and professional interactions with clients,
colleagues and the campus community
 Legibly write, in detail, information on all service and maintenance cards, work orders, refrigerant purchases, etc.
 May instruct semiskilled workers
 May perform work in other trades
 Perform other duties as assigned
 Regular and predictable attendance is required
Core Competencies:
 Demonstrate personal integrity and trustworthiness
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Manage stressful situations and changing priorities effectively
Anticipate, recognize and resolve problems
Be responsible and accountable
Use organizational skills and provide attention to details
Maintain a positive, optimistic and success-oriented attitude
Exercise professional demeanor, which includes being tactful and courteous
Exhibit a professional work ethic
Continuously promote a safe work environment
Required Skills, Experience and Knowledge:
 Completion of a recognized apprenticeship as a refrigeration mechanic; OR full journey status as a refrigeration
mechanic in a union; OR four years' applicable work experience
 Vocational training may be substituted for work experience on a year-for-year basis
 Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license may be required
 Possession of current Environmental Protection Agency Certification—Type Universal or Type III, or obtain this
certification within 90 days of employment
 Demonstrated successful ability in taking direction, working well with others and as a member of a team
 Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills
 Have knowledge and understand of safe work practices and policies
 Must be able to wear all proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required
 Must be able to follow written and/or verbal instructions and communicate in English regarding the use of
chemicals, supplies, and equipment; comply with safety policies and procedures
Desirable Skills, Experience and Knowledge:
 Knowledge and practical experience with WISHA (Washington Industrial Safety & Health Act) and OSHA
(Occupational Safety & Health Act) regulations
 Working knowledge of National Electrical Codes relevant to refrigeration work
 Working knowledge and experience working on kitchen, restaurant/food service refrigeration equipment
 Working knowledge and practical experience with cascade systems (troubleshoot, repair change compressors,
evacuate and recharge)
 Demonstrated successful experience with basic computer technology
Conditions of Employment:
 Valid driver’s license recognized by the state of Washington
 Must be able to work in a nonsmoking environment
 May be required to accept variable work shift
 Approved footwear must be provided at the employee’s expense and worn on the job
 Ability to lift and move heavy material is required
 Must be able to be fitted for and wear a respirator on the job
 Work may require access to confined spaces and heights using approved safety procedures
 A tuberculosis (TB) test is required for work assignments in nonhuman primate areas and in the Medical Center
 Must be able to work in all weather conditions
 A satisfactory outcome from a criminal background verification will be required prior to hire
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