Step 1- Read The Problem and Think

Step 1- Read The Problem and Think
 What is the problem all about?
 What is the math I need to know?
 What is the question that needs to be answered?
Step 2- Think and Plan
 What information from the problem is used to solve the problem?
 What strategy can I use to solve the problem?
(Make a list; Draw a picture; Solve the problem using numbers that
are easier to work with; Use concrete materials; Use a known fact;
Guess and Check?)
 How can I organize my thoughts as I solve the problem?
(Make a list; use a graphic organizer; make a chart or table)
Step 3- Solve
 Use the strategies you planned to solve the problem
Step 4- Look Back
 Does the answer make sense?
 Is the solution mathematically reasonable?
 Can I prove the answer in another way?
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