University of Louisville Standards and Guidelines for Community Service Opportunities

University of Louisville
Standards and Guidelines for Community Service
Our partner organizations assist people and programs throughout the community and make our area a
better place to live and work. Each partner is selected for how our collaboration might contribute to the
betterment of community and the strategic mission of the university to become a premier metropolitan
research university that serves community.
The Standards and Guidelines for Community Service Opportunities represent an effort to provide our
community partners with common direction in soliciting opportunities for university students, staff, and
faculty involvement.
Must provide meaningful assignments which utilize and develop skills.
Must undertake reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the working environment for
Must be sponsored by a legitimate organization with an established track-record in the
The organization should strive to provide equal opportunity on the basis of merit and without
discrimination in terms of age, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual
orientation, gender identity or disability of an otherwise qualified individual.
1. What kind of opportunities are you willing to provide?
□ Internship
□ Apprenticeship
□ Co-op
□ One-time
□ On-going
2. Are the opportunities focused on any of the following areas?
□ Education
□ Health
□ Economic Development
□ Social Services
□ Arts and Culture
□ Sustainability
3. Does the sponsoring organization have 501(c)(3) status?
□ Yes (Tax ID #: _____________________)
□ No (What is the status of the organization? _________________ Please list any other
organizations the sponsoring group has worked with which could serve as a reference:
4. Is a background check required for volunteers?
□ Yes
□ No
5. Are there any costs or other requirements associated with volunteering for your organization?
□ Fees for background check or other costs (Costs: _______________)
□ Shoe/clothing requirements (Describe: _________________)
□ Special gear or equipment (Describe: _________________)
□ Transportation requirements (Describe: _________________)
□ Training (Describe: _________________)
6. Are there any limitations that may provide challenges for those with disabilities? _________________
7. Are there any special skills or knowledge required? _________________________________________
8. What is the scope of your organizations needs?
□ Seasonal (When? ________________)
□ Specific time-frame (When? ________________)
□ Specific number of volunteers you can utilize/manage at once? (Quantity or Range:
□ Minimum time commitment per volunteer per day/week/month?
□ Typical/Ideal time commitment per volunteer per day/week/month?
9. Are you connected to the Signature Partnership Initiative with West Louisville or provide services to
residents of West Louisville?
10. Provide a short description of activity to take place.
**Should your opportunity be accepted, this description will be used on the website for potential
volunteers to see