Publications for Aaron Camp 2016


Publications for Aaron Camp


Tung, V., Burton, T., Quail, S., Mathews, M.,

Camp, A. (2016). Motor performance is impaired following vestibular stimulation in ageing mice.

Reviews in Australian Studies , 8(Feb), 1-10. <a href="

2">[More Information]</a>


Mathews, M., Murray, A., Wijesinghe, R.,

Cullen, K., Tung, V., Camp, A. (2015). Efferent

Vestibular Neurons Show Homogenous

Discharge Output But Heterogeneous Synaptic

Input Profile In Vitro. PloS One , 10(9), 1-21. <a href="

9548">[More Information]</a>

Wijesinghe, R., Tung, V., Camp, A., Protti, D.,

Mathews, M. (2015). Exciting potential: the importance of the right environment. The

Journal of Physiology , 593(10), 2253-2255. <a href="">[Mo re Information]</a>

Zhang, L., Tung, V., Mathews, M., Camp, A.

(2015). Near infrared (Nir) light increases expression of a marker of mitochondrial function in the mouse vestibular sensory epithelium.

Journal of Visualized Experiments , 2015 (97),

1-6. <a href="">[More


Wijesinghe, R., Protti, D., Camp, A. (2015).

Vestibular Interactions in the Thalamus.

Frontiers in Neural Circuits , 9, 1-8. <a href="

">[More Information]</a>


Tung, V., Burton, T., Dababneh, E., Quail, S.,

Camp, A. (2014). Behavioral Assessment of the

Aging Mouse Vestibular System. Journal of

Visualized Experiments , 89, 1-11. <a href="">[More


Lim, R., Drury, H., Camp, A., Tadros, M.,

Callister, R., Brichta, A. (2014). Preliminary characterization of voltage-activated whole-cell currents in developing human vestibular hair cells and calyx afferent terminals. JARO

(Journal of the Association for Research in

Otolaryngology) , 15(5), 755-766. <a href="

1-y">[More Information]</a>


Tung, V., Di Marco, S., Lim, R., Brichta, A.,

Camp, A. (2013). An Isolated Semi-intact

Preparation of the Mouse Vestibular Sensory

Publications for Aaron Camp

Epithelium for Electrophysiology and

High-resolution Two-photon Microscopy.

Journal of Visualized Experiments , 76, 1-9. <a href="">[More


Wijesinghe, R., Solomon, S., Camp, A. (2013).

Noise Normalizes Firing Output of Mouse

Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Neurons. PloS One ,

8(2), 1-8. <a href="

7961">[More Information]</a>


Camp, A. (2012). Intrinsic neuronal excitability: a role in homeostasis and disease. Frontiers in Neurology , 3, 1-2. <a href="

0">[More Information]</a>

Dixon, K., Sequeira, V., Camp, A., Mason, R.

(2012). Vitamin D and skin Cancer. In Victor

R. Preedy (Eds.), Handbook of Diet, Nutrition and the Skin , (pp. 395-411). The Netherlands:

Wageningen Academic Publishers.


Camp, A. (2011). Intrinsic neuronal excitability: implications for health and disease. Biomolecular

Concepts , 2(4), 247-259.

Camp, A., Cheong, S., Tailby, C., Solomon, S.

(2011). The impact of brief exposure to high contrast on the contrast response of neurons in primate lateral geniculate nucleus. Journal of

Neurophysiology , 106(3), 1310-1321. <a href="">

[More Information]</a>

Solomon, S., Tailby, C., Gharaei, S., Camp, A.,

Bourne, J., Solomon, S. (2011). Visual motion integration by neurons in the middle temporal area of a New World monkey, the marmoset. The

Journal of Physiology , 589(23), 5741-5758. <a href="

3520">[More Information]</a>


Camp, A., Lim, R., Anderson, W., Schofield, P.,

Callister, R., Brichta, A. (2010). Attenuated glycine receptor function reduces excitability of mouse medial vestibular nucleus neurons.

Neuroscience , 170(1), 348-360. <a href="

010.06.040">[More Information]</a>

Solomon, S., Tailby, C., Cheong, S., Camp, A.

(2010). Linear and Nonlinear Contributions to the Visual Sensitivity of Neurons in Primate

Lateral Geniculate Nucleus. Journal of

Neurophysiology , 104(4), 1884-1898. <a href="">

[More Information]</a>

Publications for Aaron Camp

Dixon, K., Sequeira, V., Camp, A., Mason, R.

(2010). Vitamin D-fence. Photochemical and

Photobiological Sciences , 9(4), 564-570. <a href="">[

More Information]</a>


Camp, A., Tailby, C., Solomon, S. (2009).

Adaptable mechanisms that regulate the contrast response of neurons in the primate lateral geniculate nucleus. The Journal of Neuroscience ,

29(15), 5009-5021. <a href="

19-09.2009">[More Information]</a>

Camp, A., Wijesinghe, R. (2009). Calretinin:

Modulator of neuronal excitability. The

International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell

Biology , 41(11), 2118-2121. <a href="

007">[More Information]</a>


Curthoys, I., Kim, J., McPhedran, S., Camp, A.

(2006). Bone conducted vibration selectively activates irregular primary otolithic vestibular neurons in the guinea pig. Experimental Brain

Research . <a href="


&list_uids=16761136">[More Information]</a>

Camp, A., Callister, R., Brichta, A. (2006).

Inhibitory synaptic transmission differs in mouse type A and B medial vestibular nucleus neurons in vitro. Journal of Neurophysiology , 95(5),

3208-3218. <a href="">

[More Information]</a>


Lee, H., Camp, A., Callister, R., Brichta, A.

(2005). Vestibular primary afferent activity in an in vitro preparation of the mouse inner ear.

Journal of Neuroscience Methods , 145(1-2),

73-87. <a href="

11.021">[More Information]</a>