Publications for Harry Lowe 2016


Publications for Harry Lowe


Martin, S., Amos, D., Lowe, H. (2016). Minor saphenous vein graft atherosclerosis only, whilst taking no medication, nearly a decade post coronary surgery. International Journal of

Cardiology , 214, 338-229. <a href="

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Lowe, H., Bannon, P. (2016). Seeking outcomes in database analyses: The good, the bad and the ugly. International Journal of Cardiology , 202,

796-796. <a href="

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Lau, J., Alcock, R., Brieger, D., Lowe, H.

(2015). Complex, diffuse in-stent atherosclerosis over a decade following bare metal stenting.

Coronary Artery Disease , 26(Supplement 1), e69-e70. <a href="

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Kritharides, L., Lowe, H. (2015). Extracting the

ESSENCE - cardiovascular health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Heart,

Lung and Circulation , 24(2), 107-109. <a href="

6">[More Information]</a>

Bing, R., Yong, A., Lowe, H. (2015).

Percutaneous Transcatheter Assessment of the

Left Main Coronary Artery: Current Status and

Future Directions. JACC: Cardiovascular

Interventions , 8(12), 1529-1539. <a href="

7">[More Information]</a>

Kritharides, L., Lowe, H. (2015). Scylla and

Charybdis - Stent thrombosis and major bleeding with bivalirudin and heparin. Thrombosis

Research , 136(6), 1051-1052. <a href="

10.017">[More Information]</a>

Kanawati, J., Lowe, H. (2015). Takotsubo cardiomyopathy precipitated by anticipation of elective coronary intervention. International

Journal of Cardiology , 197, 315-316. <a href="

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Anastasius, M., Lowe, H. (2014). "Radial era,"

5F femoral access coronary angiography using a novel closure device: Preliminary data.

International Journal of Cardiology , 173(1),

124-125. <a href="

Publications for Harry Lowe

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Pennings, G., Siegwald, J., Yong, A.,

Kritharides, L., Lowe, H. (2014). Intravascular blood sampling using the thrombuster II catheter does not cause artifactual platelet activation.

Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis , 37(3),

326-330. <a href="

8-2">[More Information]</a>

Bing, R., Lowe, H. (2014). No reflow in ST elevation myocardial infarction: a new way forward? Coronary Artery Disease , 25(8),

636-637. <a href="

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Bing, R., Khoury, V., Lowe, H. (2014). When it comes down to the wire: Iatrogenic coronary lesion disruption due to passage of a pressure wire. International Journal of Cardiology ,

177(2), 678-679. <a href="

164">[More Information]</a>


Alcock, R., Yong, A., Ng, A., Chow, V.,

Cheruvu, C., Aliprandi-Costa, B., Lowe, H.,

Kritharides, L., Brieger, D. (2013). Acute coronary syndrome and stable coronary artery disease: Are they so different? Long-term outcomes in a contemporary PCI cohort.

International Journal of Cardiology , 167(4),

1343-1346. <a href="

011">[More Information]</a>

Benson, V., McMahon, A., Khachigian, L.,

Lowe, H. (2013). Acute local elevation in monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), distal to the culprit lesion in acute ST elevation myocardial infarction. International Journal of

Cardiology , 168(2), 1679-1680. <a href="

078">[More Information]</a>

Yu, Y., Gray, B., Lowe, H., Halmagyi, G., Ng,

M. (2013). Dual modality intravascular imaging of unstable, symptomatic but "hemodynamically insignificant" carotid stenosis. Journal of

Neurology , 260(7), 1934-1935. <a href="

1-4">[More Information]</a>

Jia, H., Abtahian, F., Aguirre, A., Lee, S., Chia,

S., Lowe, H., Kato, K., Yonetsu, T., Vergallo, R.,

Hu, S., et al (2013). In vivo diagnosis of plaque erosion and calcified nodule in patients with acute coronary syndrome by intravascular optical coherence tomography. Journal of the American

College of Cardiology , 62(19), 1748-1758. <a href="

1">[More Information]</a>

Yong, A., Pennings, G., Wong, C.,

Javadzadegan, A., Brieger, D., Lowe, H., Qi, M.,

Behnia, M., Krilis, S., Kritharides, L. (2013).

Intracoronary upregulation of platelet extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer

(CD147) in coronary disease. International

Journal of Cardiology , 166(3), 716-721. <a href="

093">[More Information]</a>

Doustaly, R., Siegwald, J., Naoum, C., Yong, A.,

Savvides, M., Lowe, H. (2013). Intravascular optical coherence tomographic (OCT) findings late after intracoronary beta brachytherapy.

International Journal of Cardiology , 168(3), e87-e88. <a href="

156">[More Information]</a>

Doherty, J., Lowe, H. (2013). Unfurling the

Coronary: A Novel "Flyover" 3-Dimensional

Optical Coherence Tomography Reconstruction

Method. JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions ,

6(5), 535-536. <a href="

8">[More Information]</a>


Bhindi, R., Fahmy, R., McMahon, A.,

Khachigian, L., Lowe, H. (2012). Intracoronary delivery of DNAzymes targeting human EGR-1 reduces infarct size following myocardial ischaemia reperfusion. Journal of Pathology ,

227(3), 157-164. <a href="">[Mo re Information]</a>

Alcock, R., Yong, A., Yiannikas, J., Lowe, H.

(2012). Optical coherence tomography-guided left main stem stenting: A new approach? Texas

Heart Institute Journal , 39(4), 596-597. <a href="


&list_uids=22949792">[More Information]</a>


Alcock, R., Lowe, H. (2011). Acute leg pain due to iliac artery spasm during coronary angiography: an unusual consequence of an uncommon problem. Angiology , 62(4), 350-351.

<a href="

165">[More Information]</a>

Moharram, M., Yong, A., Khoury, V., Lowe, H.

(2011). Arriving Safely and Avoiding a

Puncture: Use of a Radi PressureWire to Cross an ATS Prosthetic Aortic Valve for Direct

Measurement of Left Ventricular Pressure. Texas

Heart Institute Journal , 38(1), 50-51. <a href="


&list_uids=21423468">[More Information]</a>

Publications for Harry Lowe

Lowe, H., Narula, J., Fujimoto, J., Jang, I.

(2011). Intracoronary Optical Diagnostics:

Current Status, Limitations, and Potential. J A C

C: Cardiovascular Interventions , 4(12),

1257-1270. <a href="

5">[More Information]</a>

Yong, A., Pennings, G., Chang, M., Hamzah, A.,

Chung, T., Qi, M., Brieger, D., Behnia, M.,

Krilis, S., Ng, M., Lowe, H., Kritharides, L.

(2011). Intracoronary Shear-Related

Up-Regulation of Platelet P-Selectin and

Platelet-Monocyte Aggregation Despite the Use of Aspirin and Clopidogrel. Blood , 117(1),

11-20. <a href="

78812">[More Information]</a>

Lowe, H., Jang, I. (2011). Shedding light on intracoronary pathophysiology. International

Journal of Cardiology , 146(1), 104-105. <a href="

045">[More Information]</a>

Moharram, M., Yeoh, T., Lowe, H. (2011).

Swings and roundabouts: Intravascular Optical

Coherence Tomography (OCT) in the evaluation of the left main stem coronary artery.

International Journal of Cardiology , 148(2),

243-244. <a href="

063">[More Information]</a>

Naoum, C., Patel, N., Lowe, H. (2011). Utility of transthoracic echocardiography in characterizing proximal protrusion of a coronary stent.

European journal of Echocardiography , 12(7),

551-551. <a href="

0">[More Information]</a>


Lonborg, J., Mathur, M., Grieve, S., Bhindi, R.,

Ward, M., Lowe, H., McCrohon, J., Figtree, G.

(2010). Constrictive Pericarditis Diagnosed by

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance. Journal of the

American College of Cardiology , 56(20), e39-e39. <a href="

2">[More Information]</a>

Alcock, R., Roy, P., Adorini, K., Lau, G.,

Kritharides, L., Lowe, H., Brieger, D., Freedman,

B. (2010). Incidence and determinants of myocardial infarction following percutaneous coronary interventions according to the revised

Joint Task Force definition of troponin T elevation. International Journal of Cardiology ,

140(1), 66-72. <a href="

005">[More Information]</a>

Lowe, H. (2010). Intravascular optical coherence

Publications for Harry Lowe tomography (OCT) during contrast injection: a leap forward in intracoronary imaging.

International Journal of Cardiology . <a href="


&list_uids=20053472">[More Information]</a>

Tiong, A., Lowe, H., Freedman, B., Brieger, D.

(2010). Lack of widespread inflammation after contemporary PCI. International Journal of

Cardiology , 140(1), 82-87. <a href="

006">[More Information]</a>

Zreiqat, H., Yang, C., James, B., Duflou, J.,

Lowe, H. (2010). Probable endothelisation of bare metal stent struts extending from the left main coronary into the aorta. Journal of

Thrombosis and Thrombolysis , 30(4), 500-501.

<a href="

1-5">[More Information]</a>

Yong, A., Ng, A., Brieger, D., Lowe, H., Ng, M.,

Kritharides, L. (2010). Three-dimensional and two-dimensional quantitative coronary angiography, and their prediction of reduced fractional flow reserve. European Heart Journal ,

32(3), 345-353. <a href="

">[More Information]</a>


Luo, X., Cai, H., Ni, J., Bhindi, R., Lowe, H.,

Chesterman, C., Khachigian, L. (2009). c-Jun

DNAzymes Inhibit Myocardial Inflammation,

ROS Generation, Infarct Size, and Improve

Cardiac Function After Ischemia-Reperfusion

Injury. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and

Vascular Biology , 29, 1836-1842. <a href="

189753">[More Information]</a>

Moharram, M., Brieger, D., Lowe, H. (2009).

Feasibility of using the Export catheter monorailed over the Filterwire for native coronary intervention in the presence of thrombus. International Journal of Cardiology ,

137(3), e49-50. <a href="

004">[More Information]</a>

Yong, A., Pennings, G., Chung, T., Brieger, D.,

Lowe, H., Kritharides, L. (2009). Intravascular

Blood Sampling Using the Export Catheter Does

Not Induce Artifactual Platelet Activation.

Journal of Invasive Cardiology , 21(4), 159-161.

<a href="


&list_uids=19342753">[More Information]</a>

Yong, A., Lowe, H., Ng, M., Kritharides, L.

(2009). The Intracoronary Electrocardiogram in

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Journal of

Interventional Cardiology , 22(1), 68-76. <a href="

8.00419.x">[More Information]</a>


Zreiqat, H., James, B., Brieger, D., Kritharides,

L., Lowe, H. (2008). Acute coronary stent thrombosis: Toward insights into possible mechanism using novel imaging methods.

Thrombosis and Haemostasis , 99(5), 976-977. <a href="


&list_uids=18449437">[More Information]</a>

McMahon, A., Zreiqat, H., Lowe, H. (2008).

Carotid artery stenting in the Zucker rat: a novel, potentially 'diabetes-specific' model of in-stent restenosis. Diabetes and Vascular Disease

Research , 5(2), 145-146. <a href="


&list_uids=18537104">[More Information]</a>

Benson, V., Khachigian, L., Lowe, H. (2008).

DNAzymes and cardiovascular disease. British

Journal of Pharmacology , 154(4), 741-8. <a href="">[

More Information]</a>

Witting, P., Zeng, B., Wong, M., McMahon, A.,

Rayner, B., Sapir, A., Lowe, H., Freedman, B.,

Brieger, D. (2008). Polymorphonuclear leukocyte phagocytic function increases in plasminogen knockout mice. Thrombosis

Research , 122(5), 674-682. <a href="

12.013">[More Information]</a>

Lowe, H., Freedman, B. (2008). The late open artery hypothesis: the case and the artery remain closed. European Heart Journal , 30, 129-30. <a href="

">[More Information]</a>


Bhindi, R., Fahmy, R., Lowe, H., Chesterman,

C., Dass, C., Cairns, M., Saravolac, E., Sun, L.,

Khachigian, L. (2007). Brothers in Arms. DNA

Enzymes, Short Interfering RNA, and the

Emerging Wave of Small-Molecule Nucleic

Acid-Based Gene-Silencing Strategies. The

American Journal of Pathology , 171(4),

1079-1088. <a href="


&list_uids=17717148">[More Information]</a>

Benson, V., McMahon, A., Lowe, H. (2007).

ICAM-1 in acute myocardial infarction: a potential therapeutic target. Current Molecular

Medicine , 7(2), 219-227. <a href="

59131">[More Information]</a>

Cheng, W., Stephens, M., Lin, B., Lowe, H.,

McMahon, A. (2007). Particulate debris collected during carotid stenting: Are we missing something? International Journal of Cardiology ,

119(2), 277-279. <a href="

184">[More Information]</a>

Benson, V., McMahon, A., Lowe, H. (2007). sICAM-1 measurements are independent of processing method and sampling site in patients with coronary artery disease. Journal of

Thrombosis and Thrombolysis , 24(3), 307-8. <a href="

1-0">[More Information]</a>

Benson, V., McMahon, A., Lowe, H.,

Khachigian, L. (2007). The streptozotocin-treated Sprague-Dawley rat: a useful model for the assessment of acute and chronic effects of myocardial ischaemia reperfusion injury in experimental diabetes.

Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research , 4(2),

153-154. <a href="">

[More Information]</a>

Yong, A., Wyndham, R., Lowe, H. (2007). When ballooning alone is enough: Successful treatment of hypertension secondary to renal artery fibromuscular dysplasia using angioplasty.

International Journal of Cardiology , 131, e85-6.

<a href="

064">[More Information]</a>


Akbar, A., Bhindi, R., McMahon, A., Brieger,

D., Kritharides, L., Lowe, H. (2006). Distal protection in cardiovascular medicine: Current status. American Heart Journal , 152(2),

207-216. <a href="

7">[More Information]</a>

Bhindi, R., Khachigian, L., Lowe, H. (2006).

DNAzymes targeting the transcription factor

Egr-1 reduce myocardial infarct size following ischemia-reperfusion in rats. Journal of

Thrombosis and Haemostasis , 4(7), 1479-1483.

<a href="


&list_uids=16839341">[More Information]</a>

Lau, G., Ridley, L., Bannon, P., Wong, L., Trieu,

J., Brieger, D., Lowe, H., Freedman, B.,

Kritharides, L. (2006). Lumen loss in the first year in saphenous vein grafts is predominantly a result of negative remodeling of the whole vessel rather than a result of changes in wall thickness.

Circulation , 114(1), I435-I440. <a href="


Publications for Harry Lowe

&list_uids=16820615">[More Information]</a>

Bhindi, R., Witting, P., McMahon, A.,

Khachigian, L., Lowe, H. (2006). Rat models of myocardial infarction. Pathogenetic insights and clinical relevance. Thrombosis and Haemostasis ,

96(5), 602-610. <a href="


&list_uids=17080217">[More Information]</a>

Ali, O., Aggarwal, A., Thanakrishnan, G., Lowe,

H. (2006). Thoracic spinal cord ischemia following acute myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest in a young male. Heart, Lung and

Circulation , 15(1), 53-55. <a href="

1">[More Information]</a>

Lowe, H., Freedman, B. (2006). What do we know about perioperative ischaemic cardiac events in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery? Medical Journal of Australia , 184(8),



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">[More Information]</a>

McMahon, A., Kritharides, L., Lowe, H. (2005).

Animal models of atherosclerosis progression: current concepts. Cardiovascular and

Haematological Disorders , 5(6), 433-40. <a href="


&list_uids=16503863">[More Information]</a>

Brieger, D., Ishii, H., Di Girolamo, N., Kumar,

R., Khachigian, L., Lowe, H. (2005). Fibroblast growth factor 2 and the transcription factor Egr-1 localise to endothelial cell microvascular channels in human coronary artery occlusion.

Thrombosis and Haemostasis , 93(1), 172-4. <a href="


&list_uids=15875316">[More Information]</a>

Neuzil, J., Rayner, B., Lowe, H., Witting, P.

(2005). Oxidative stress in myocardial ischaemia reperfusion injury: a renewed focus on a long-standing area of heart research. Redox

Report , 10(4), 187-197. <a href="


&list_uids=16259786">[More Information]</a>

Kritharides, L., Brieger, D., Freedman, B., Lowe,

H. (2005). Treatment of vulnerable plaques: current and future strategies. In Levon Michael

Khachigian (Eds.), High-risk atherosclerotic plaques: mechanisms, imaging, models, and therapy , (pp. 161-202). USA: CRC Press.

Publications for Harry Lowe

Kavurma, M., Bhindi, R., Lowe, H., Chesterman,

C., Khachigian, L. (2005). Vessel wall apoptosis and atherosclerotic plaque instability. Journal of

Thrombosis and Haemostasis , 3(3), 465-72. <a href="

5.01120.x">[More Information]</a>


Lau, G., Lowe, H., Kritharides, L. (2004).

Cardiac Saphenous Vein Bypass Graft Disease.

Seminars in Vascular Medicine , 4(2), 153-159.


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Francis, D., Parish, C., McGarry, M., Santiago,

F., Lowe, H., Brown, K., Bingley, J., Hayward,

I., Cowden, W., Khachigian, L., et al (2003).

Blockade of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and intimal thickening after balloon injury by the Sulfated Oligosaccharide PI-88

Phosphomannopentaose Sulfate directly binds

FGF-2, blocks cellular signalling and inhibits proliferation. Circulation Research , 92(8), e70-e77.