Institutional Deaths


Institutional Deaths

G R O U P D : B O T S W A N A

Strategies to address the identified bottlenecks

Decentralise coding to major health centres

Simplification/ domestication of the ICD

Intensify training of relevant staff on the ICD

Strengthen partnership with development partners to provide technical assistance

Increase staffing for coding

Process of Death Registration

Death in health facility or attended by a medical personnel

Death medical report accompanied by medical cause of death certified

Death registration at local civil registration office or service point

Death registration service s

Coding and data entry

Analysis and report production

Bottlenecks in the current process

Limited understanding of the ICD by doctors and coders

Staffing constraints _ use of temporary staff....

Which delays production of reports

Centralised coding

Desired business process

 The current process is the desired... But there is need to address the above bottle necks to make it wprk


Botswana Causes of Death Report

Vital Statistics Report

Marriage Statistics Report

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