Brockton Public Schools School Committee Policy ADAC GOALS FOR COMMUNITY

Brockton Public Schools
School Committee Policy
The Brockton Public School System
Builds and maintains strong partnerships between home and school to involve
families in their children's education.
Supports open communication between the schools and the community.
Encourages active participation in the schools by all members of the community.
Celebrates diversity in its schools and community.
Develops, expands and strengthens partnerships with businesses, government and
community-based organizations and colleges.
Provides lifelong learning opportunities for community members.
Strives to earn the support and respect of the community.
Seeks commitment from the community for consistent financial support for the
Works with the community to create and support a safe and healthy environment.
Acknowledges outstanding contributions and achievements of community members.
A. Foundations and Basic Commitments
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Approved: June5, 2001; August 20, 2002