Brockton Public Schools School Committee Policy

Brockton Public Schools
School Committee Policy
The Brockton Public School System:
Provides an educational program that is reflective of state and national initiatives and
Provides adequate opportunities and resources to promote success on state
Provides sufficient resources to ensure equal educational opportunities for mastery of
skills and concepts at the highest possible level.
Provides all students opportunities and resources necessary to stimulate creativity,
problem solving and decision-making using emerging technologies.
Equips students with skills, experiences and guidance to assist them in future
education and career planning.
Creates a learning environment that models and reflects understanding and
appreciation of all cultures.
Promotes practices that foster fairness and mutual respect.
Develops and strengthens civic, patriotic and social responsibilities and encourages
active involvement in the community.
Creates an environment that fosters a sense of self-esteem.
Promotes positive health and safety practices that foster lifelong well-being.
Provides a safe and healthy environment
Acknowledges students for outstanding achievements
A. Foundations and Basic Commitments
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Approved: June 5, 2001; August 20, 2002