Evaluation Questionnaires

Evaluation Questionnaires
Why are we asking you to fill in a questionnaire?
• It is very important for us to know that the activities we run are effective, that they are helping you, and
that we are reaching the right people. We also need you to tell us what we need to improve. And what
we’re doing well!
• We also need to report back to the university funding bodies to tell them how we’re doing.
Some questions might ask for personal data about me, is this safe?
• Some questions may ask you for your personal details or information about your background. We need
this information so that we can make sure that we are reaching the people we want to reach.
• We take the protection of your information very carefully and the data you give us will be kept very
securely in line with Data Protection Legislation. Only a small number of researchers will be able to see
your personal information. We will not give your personal details, or any other information that could be
used to identify you, to anyone else!
How should I fill the questionnaire in?
• Some questions ask you to colour in a blob to show your response, other questions ask you to write a
• If you don’t feel you can answer a question or that it doesn’t apply to you, please use the ‘Not Sure’ blob.
• Please be honest! We guarantee that what you say will remain anonymous. Your questionnaires will go
straight into a sealed envelope and be sent back to researchers. We will get an overall report on the
activity, but we will not be able to see who said what.
• Although we really hope that you will help us by filling in the questionnaire, you are not obliged to if you
don’t want to. If you decide not to take part in the evaluation, please just draw a line across the
questionnaire and hand it back.
This research is being done by the University’s WP Research and Evaluation Unit. If you would like to know any more about what we’re
doing or how we will look after your personal information, please go to www.sheffield.ac.uk/schools/outreach-programmes/wpreu/evaluation
If you have any other questions, you can email the Unit to find out more at [email protected]