Tips for Creating a Great Essay

Tips for Creating a Great Essay
 Start your paper out with a hook – something catchy that makes
the reader want to read more.
 Tell me what “The American Dream” is based on what you know.
What SPECIFIC things do you believe most Americans want in
their lives?
 Make sure your paper flows. A paragraph should look and feel like
a complete thought.
 Answer all the questions from the prewriting activity in story
form. Remember, this is an essay and should feel like a complete
short story.
 Use the unit vocabulary words when appropriate
 Avoid using pronouns too often. Be specific, say what you mean.
Use the names of people and places instead of “him”, ”her”, “them”
 Be detailed. Use examples to illustrate your point and make the
argument stronger.
 Make certain the essay is in your words…not someone else’s. If
you borrow a thought or idea, put it in quotes and give the author
 Spelling and grammar are important in the way that you
communicate in 7th grade. Use spell check and read through your
paper to make sure everything makes sense.
 End your paper with a strong final thought or some new learning
that has come from this assignment. Make it feel like the end of a
 Most importantly, show me evidence that you are developing into
a deep thinker. Show me that you can compare and contrast
different American Dreams and draw your own conclusions about
how important they are.