WWI The War

WWI The War
• Many people were excited when
war broke out.
• Most thought it would be
glamorous and exciting.
• Most thought it would be quick.
The Schlieffen Plan
• Once the War started, the Germans unleashed the Schlieffen Plan.
• The plan was a way to deal with fighting a 2-front war.
• It called for a quick knock-out of one of the opponents.
• Most of the troops went through Belgium which was neutral.
• The invasions through Belgium resulted in many
civilians killed and hurt Germany’s reputation.
• This led to the Germans being called “barbarians”
and “Huns”.
• England entered the war as a result of German
invasion of Belgium.
• The German advance to Paris was halted at the
Marne River in what is known as the battle of the
• This ended the hope for a quick war.
A 2-Front War
• By late 1914, there were 2 European fronts:
• The Western Front—In France where trench
warfare took place. England and France
fought against Germany.
• The Eastern Front—In Russia, it was too big for
trench warfare.
Trench Warfare
Both sides would attempt
many offensives, but most
were futile.
Trench Lines
Trench Warfare
Trench Diagram
WWI Artillery
Trench Foot
• A infection caused by
cold wet, unsanitary
Trench Foot
Body Lice
Gas Attack
New Weapons
• Planes
• Tanks
• Poison Gas
• Machine Guns
• Submarines
• 1917
• Many French Troops refuse to attack.
The Numbers
• Battle of Somme = 5 months
• Gallipoli = 8 months
• Verdun = 10 months
Numbers (continued)
• Somme = 4 million participants
• 20,000 Brits die in 1st day
• 900 Frenchmen per day killed on average for the
• 1,300 Germans killed per day on average for the
Global War
• French and Brits use troops from their
• Turning Point
• A. Revolution in Russia
• B. Americans enter the war
The Americans
• Are neutral, but selling goods
to both sides, but mainly
• Both England and Germany
enact naval blockades.
• Germany uses Subs.
US Joins the War
• 1917
• Germans break Sussex pledge
• The Zimmerman Telegram
The End
• German Allies quit
• Germans launch one last
offensive 1918.
• American reinforcements
too much; all others are
Final Numbers
• 10 million killed
• 20 million wounded
• US only 115,000 (only in battle last 4 months)