Communication Plan <Project Name> Plan Overview

Communication Plan
<Project Name>
Plan Overview
This communication plan is for the xyz project. The objective is to partner with key
stakeholders for both sponsorship and organizational support. This tactical plan
addresses what types of information will be communicated, who will receive the
communications, and how will the information be delivered. When and who will
execute the communications is included in the overall project workplan.
Communication Outcomes
The ultimate goal is to assure we are communicating to the right group, the right
information at the right time with the right medium. Supporting outcomes of this
communication plan include:
1. First
2. Second
3. Third
4. Etc.
The objectives of any communications with stakeholders include:
1. Communicate with stakeholders clearly, efficiently, and in a timely way.
2. Select and employ the appropriate media for communication with stakeholders.
3. Provide ubiquitous feedback channels and methods to allow for the identification
of and response to issues and concerns of the stakeholder groups.
4. Provide feedback to project team so as to allow for project adjustment as needed
from stakeholder groups.
5. Others?
Audience (Stakeholder) Analysis
Internal Audiences
Audience 1: Supporting information
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Communication Plan
<Project Name>
Audience 2: Supporting information
External Audiences
Audience 1: Supporting information
Audience 2: Supporting information
Methods / Tools
Background and introduction…
Tool #1
Tool #2
The following table provide basic information of who, what, when and how of the
communications listed above.
Nature of the
Audience 1
Audience 2
Audience 3
Important Context and/or Challenges
Additional and relevant information…
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