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Welcome to my Web page. The purpose of this site is
to provide information about my research and writing,
to introduce various ideas that I find interesting and
important, and to offer links to information that I hope
will be useful to students.
Kent A. Peacock
Department of Philosophy
University of Lethbridge
4401 University Drive,
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. T1K 3M4
Contents of This Site:
Curriculum Vitae
Descriptions of my Research projects with links to some of my papers
Up-coming courses I will be teaching
Sets of lecture notes from some of my courses
Information about my textbook, Living With the Earth: An Introduction to Environmental
Information about my new book, The Quantum Revolution: A Historical Perspective
Writing advice:
o Here is the long version:
 Writing Philosophy
o And here are the short versions:
 What I'm Looking For In a Philosophy Paper
 Practical Tips for the Student Philosophy Writer
Here are some quotes that I find inspirational, instructive, or amusing.
This page was last updated August 25, 2008.
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