Exam Questions – ANTH 2110 Popular Culture

Exam Questions – ANTH 2110 Popular Culture
The statement has been made that “Popular culture both reflects
and shapes broader social forces.” What concepts allow us to
explore this claim? Identify the concept, discuss its features, and
state how the concept can be used to illustrate this statement.
Blacking argues that “The effectiveness of music depends on
peoples relationships to the organization and perception of musical
symbols.” Describe the three areas of research in popular culture
studies, and illustrate how each area might support this statement.
The text suggests we use the concept of “the circuit of culture” in
order to understand the popular culture as a feature of the human
condition. Describe the circuit of culture. Identify other concepts
from our readings and lectures that will be useful in illustrating the
processes involved in this concept.
The statement, “All cultural productions have two kinds of
elements – conventions and inventions,” is supported by several
concepts explored in the readings and lectures. Cite the most
relevant concepts that you can use to illustrate the statement.
Audience response to popular culture can be studied in a variety of
ways. Identify the concepts from the readings and lectures that
would be useful towards describing and understanding audience
response, and what the audience is responding to.
The statement, “Popular culture is always social – it is associated
with cultural emphasis in a society and as “collective action”
popular culture is a “social product” is a foundational one for this
course and popular culture studies in general. Define and discuss
the areas of research in popular culture studies as outlined in the
text and lectures. Apply the elements of the areas of research to
illustrate how you could show and support the ideas expressed in
the statement.