Assignment # 1 Due Friday September 12 start

Agricultural Studies 3300
Agricultural Systems Modeling I
Fall 2008
Assignment # 1
Due Friday September 12th, 2008, at the start of class.
Alternatively, you can hand in your assignment to the drop box outside the Economics office
If you are from a farm describe it, or any part of it, as an agricultural system. If you are not from a
farm, describe an agricultural system with which you are familiar.
The goal of this assignment is not to test your detailed knowledge of farm operations. Rather, we
want you to think about how to define a system’s boundaries, and once defined, how those
boundaries influence the way you would study or model the system. Use and define the terms
agricultural system, sub system and component system in your answer.
The information you will need to do this is contained in the first section of your reader on pages
14 to 32. Make sure you draw on examples not used in the reader or in lecture.
**** This assignment should not exceed 500 words (2 pages) and should be Typewritten
and double spaced. ****