Coordinating the Delivery of Statewide Risk Management Education Programs (Annie’s Project Example)

Coordinating the Delivery of
Statewide Risk Management
Education Programs
(Annie’s Project Example)
Marsha Laux, State Coordinator
Iowa Annie’s Project
Extension Risk Management Education National Conference
April 3 - 4, 2013
The Westin Westminster, Denver, CO
Coordinator’s Priorities
Ensure Quality of Program
Help Promote and Reach Target Audience
Positive Experience for Participants
Reporting of Impacts
Identify Professional Development of
• Troubleshoot & Correct Problems
Annie’s Project State
Coordinator Responsibilities
1. Uphold the ANNIES mission, core benefit principals, core values, and
best education practices.
2. Update the national office if the state coordinator role changes to
another person.
3. Maintain a roster of trained ANNIES educators in the state/region and
update the national office of changes.
4. Work with the national office and people in your state to ensure all local
facilitators are properly trained.
5. Keep the national office informed of all Annie’s Project Level I and Level
II classes scheduled in the state; provide detailed class information to
post on the national website.
Annie’s Project State Coordinator
Responsibilities, cont.
6. Connect interested potential class participants with local classes, people
and resources.
7. Assist local facilitators with class planning, participant recruitment, and
ordering/preparing materials for classes.
8. Secure funding for Annie’s Project activities in your state/region.
9. Cooperate with national office to collect data, analyze information and
report on program impacts.
10. Participate in and contribute to the value of the national network of
educators, through sharing experiences, curricula and leadership with
others in the network
Mapping Course Sites
Where do I start?
First Steps – Identify Needs of…..
Organizations (External and Internal)
Management Team
Access to Information
• Use & promote guidance documents
– Have it in writing
– Easily accessible
– Updated & reviewed often
• Templates & Best Practices
– Logos of University/funders, etc.
– Stress using only APPROVED formats
Training Facilitators
First, must be trained in Annie’s Project
methodology (Approved trainer, 1 ½ days)
– Then reviewing once they actually facilitate
– Help to organize timing/course planning
– Promotion of course once dates & location set
– Providing “just in time” assistance
– Following-up at critical junctures (BEFORE
common mistakes occur)
Use Outlook Calendar --- keep separate calendar for class
schedules, easily accessible
Label Class Sites by # of Class Session and City Name Alphabetically
Excel Spreadsheet for Each Facilitator’s Training Call…….
Saved by name with notes to call back if some confusion or lack of clarity
Training Topics --- Phone training (at least one week to 10 days prior to first class)
Registration (numbers, concerns, etc. if any)
Receipt of materials (prepping those, inserting agenda, emergency contact numbers, etc.)
Course Prep (room set up, course objectives, A/V, instructors, computers (net reg,, etc.)
Evaluations emphasis
go into detail on how to prepare (code sheets, Internet address on computers, etc.)
Mechanics of conducting and introducing the evaluations
Attendance tracking & reporting
Weekly feedback mechanism (cards, etc.)
Taking Photographs
Emphasizing helper documents
9) Copying coordinator on promotional materials, budget, speaker matrix, etc. if have not already, then
keeping track of presentations, etc. & sending to me electronically
10) Other questions/concerns
Critical Training Issues
• Roles & Responsibilities of
• Budgeting/Funding Specifics
• Evaluations (pre and post), &
what to do with results
• Vetting instructors & how to
prepare instructors for
Annie’s methodology
• Sponsorships
• Reporting
Documenting Successes
Photos Help Tell the Story
Thank You!
Contact information:
Marsha A. Laux, State Coordinator
Iowa Annie’s Project
PH: 319-796-4362