1. Interconnection of systems is known as a. Interface

1. Interconnection of systems is known as
a. Interface
b. Factoring
c. Boundries
2. Full form of ES = Expert Systems
3. Weakness of payoff matrix – depents Decision makes judgement
4. KS/ES full form = Knowledge/Expert Systems
5. An excel worksheet is copied to the Word, this is and example of
a. Polymorphism
b. Data abstraction
c. Dynamic binding
d. Message passing
6. Star network is suited best when ?
a. When the network can grow in future
7. System residence device is where does it sits.
a. Instructions
b. Operating System
c. I/O instructions
d. Software
8. One requirement of Item Master Entry
a. Rate
b. Discount
c. Closing Inventory
d. DC Date
9. Data entry display is a type of
a. Working prototype
b. Partial working prototype
c. Non-functional prototype
d. Functional prototype
10. What Protects Internet identity of a an organization
a. Fireworks
b. Software (something..)
11. Must be present in Bank Payment voucher
a. Discount
b. Invoice type
c. Inward Fright
d. Insurance #
12. Invoice details are given from “ A/c payment update”to
a. Report generation process
b. Payment Generation process
c. Voucher genereation process
d. Managemtn
13. Types of application level in a Database are
a. Technical
b. Physical
c. Logical
d. Socail or behavioural
14. it is Non trival extraction of implict , preserviously unknown and potentially useful
information from the data
a. Data mining
b. Data warehousing
c. Database
15. Advantages of prototyping
16. public interface case toolset provides
a. Query reports
b. Data storage
c. Files transfer
d. File Access
17. These the output devices
a. Printer
b. Plotters
18. Examples of AI apps are :
a. Asset Liability Mgmt
b. Criminology
c. Geology
d. Hostpital management
19. While remote dial-in capabilities the following aspects need to be given
a. Remote Server Access
b. Server id
c. Weak points of the system environment
20. Benefits of EIS/ESS
21. Charactertics of GDSS
22. DSS as a system provides…..
23. Anti virus should be installed on the mail server to scan attachements for virus (T/F)
24. MIS started with DSS (T/F) False
25. Information is a resource bcos it does not have alternative uses (T/F) Fasle
26. Science of Communication and control________ – Cybernitics
27. What are compitetor doing is know by ______
a. EIS
b. ES
28. ____ processing requires files to be available on direct storage device for immediate
b. Online
29. something about – information ____ is from where its transferred after starting
a. I think the answer is MEDIUM
30. Select, train and _____ the employees to work for customers, with respect to Tom
peters “The Service Edge”
a. Empower
31. ______ research is basically application of mathematical formulae for arriving at
optimum problems
a. Operations
b. Psycological
c. Management Science
d. Behavioural
32. Match the following
a. Difference between Intenal and external threat are :=> more logical than
b. User with phone and modem is a threat to the …..
c. Information Systems needs to be guarded /protected against :=>
Unauthrorized access
d. Its is via Employee the : => Greatest threat to information
33. Match the following
a. Data mining should not only enable the analysis to be undertaken but =>:
Must enable learning from the activity
b. Data mining is the process of discovering